Vision For India’s Global Leadership

I am indeed honoured and privileged to deliver the 35th Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture organised by Vikram A. Sarabhai - AMA Memorial Trust, Ahmedabad. Dr. Sarabhai in a short span of time brought the country in the technological path, as he firmly believed that India should be second to none in the use of advanced technologies for the benefit of the society. He strongly advocated that space research will soon uplift the economic standard of the people living in six hundred thousand villages of our country. His vision for the India’s Space Programme and his innovative introduction of Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE) transformed the country, the result of which we are seeing today. He spent days and nights in many programmes of our country in Atomic Energy, Space, Industry and also development of research institutions for basic sciences. He was a great architect of India’s lead in advanced technologies and their applications. A creator of creative leaders, builder of scientific and management institutions, a role model for visionary leadership, Dr. Sarabhai ever remains with us as one of the gifted sons of India.

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