Advances in Marine Technology & Opportunities

The need of the hour is for universities to provide liberating, invigorating, innovative as well as adapting environments. Universities should also necessarily involve in undertaking research which are deemed essential for future growth and direction, apart from regular teaching forming the Technology Incubator. I am happy to note that AMET is taking active part in encouraging research. I am sure we will hear about the research findings in the years to come.

India has a rich maritime history. As you are well aware, sailing has been instrumental in the development of civilization, affording humanity greater mobility for trade, transport or warfare. In ancient maritime history, even before two millennia, there is evidence of maritime trade. The first prehistoric boats are presumed to have been dugout Canoes which were developed independently by various Stone Age populations. Maritime history embraces many aspects of history, such as navigation, oceanic currents, maritime transportation, coastal society, development of ports and port-towns, sea-borne trade and commerce, port- hinterland relations and so on.

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